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Sambar Deer Calls

“Stalker” Sambar Deer Calls

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The worlds first and only Sambar deer call!  These calls have proven very efficient for calling in and stopping Sambar deer in Australia and other islands!  Both hinds and stags seem to have a fascination with its sound.  Hunters are astounded at how well these calls work!  Of course, nothing is a silver bullet and hunting is situational and very dependent on many factors.  Bottom line is that this is the first and only sambar call on the market.

Each call will make a slightly different tone and pitch because of the handmade aspect.  Play around with the pitch and tone by how hard you bite down, where you bite, and how much air you are putting through the call.  These things will all usually vary the pitch and tone.

Our sambar Stalker deer call is excellent in calling in sambar deer out of the thick timber.  Many hunters are having great success in blind calling in deer they never knew were in the area.

Remember however, calling big game animals can be difficult sometimes, and many will be unresponsive at times.  This is normal for hunters to experience of all kinds of species on every continent.  Don’t get discouraged, keep trying, and these calls will surely help bring you a successful harvest.

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