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35w Skin Stapler

55w Skin Stapler



Optic Hunting Gear Skin Stapler – Each disposable skin stapler is loaded with 35 wide medical grade stainless steel staples. Sharper staple results in less tissue trauma – Tall staple for easier, less painful removal – Non-stop feed action reduces jamming – Pre-cock staple function for exact staple positioning.

  • The skin stapler and compatible remover are both affordable, simple, made of quality construction, and provides reliable performance
  • Gun comes with 35 pre-loaded staples (not reloadable), staple remover is sterile
  • Both fit comfortably in your hand to enhance control of the closure and later when removing the staple(s)
  • Both the gun and remover are suggested for single-use and are shipped in ready-to-use in plastic packaging

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